Comprehensive Level 3 Freediving Training

  • Started 2 Dec 2020
  • Starting at $750
  • Studio and Pool

Service Description

Enjoy 2 days (or 1 day plus 2 evenings) of comprehensive coursework in advanced freediving safety, technique and theory. Includes PADI's attractive and user-friendly E-Learning modules for a thorough introduction to the rudiments of freediving. The course requires two days of training that can be spread over one day plus two evenings - one evening in the studio learning advanced breathing techniques, the art of relaxation and static apnea plus one evening of pool-based underwater breath-hold activities including familiarization with best-practice safety protocols. The final day consists of advanced skill-building in open water techniques for freediving including the disciplines of Constant Weight, Free Immersion and the opportunity to try Variable Weight and No-Fins freediving. A fun and complete course to provide additional tools with which to safely and confidently approach the wonderful world of freediving. With the knowledge-base built in this second level course you will have all the skills to hold your breath for over 3 minutes, dive to a depth of 24 - 32 metres and swim underwater for over 75 metres. This course will open the doorway to a whole new world of incredible underwater experiences! Our depth day will be entirely boat-based and include lunch aboard our freediving charter vessel. See our COURSES tab for our session times for this season and email us for more info or to book on

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