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Blueback Freediving & Yoga acknowledges the traditional custodians of the land, the Whadjuk people. We wish to acknowledge and respect their elders, knowledge-holders and continuing culture, their deep connections and contributions to land and sea country. 


Blueback offers freedive courses, private lessons, coaching and pool squad training for individuals and small groups. Our professional freediving and yoga training is offered in the Derbal Yerrigan - Perth area, and in coastal towns in West Australia. We offer ocean adventures and training charters around Wadjemup-Rottnest Island and nature-based freediving retreats connecting you to sea country in the southwest, northwest, metro and offshore-west.



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Tania Douthwaite
Freedive & Yoga Instructor
Senior Coach

Tania is a certified freedive instructor and yoga teacher with over 10 years' experience in the diving industry. She has trained with international freediving and yoga professionals from around the world in order to provide you with the most contemporary and evidence-based freediving and yoga services.


Tania believes in the value of freediving and yoga for nature-connectedness and community wellness. She works in the West Australian community as a spokesperson for freediving safety and marine conservation. Tania has been developing Freedive Therapy for over 5 years, building a strong evidence-base for wellbeing benefits using her unique methods of training. She encourages others to step forward to protect and conserve marine biodiversity through community initiatives for the ocean.


Tania is the Founder of the not-for-profit Fremantle Underwater Film Festival and OceanLife Festival, the community mental health program, 'Feel Alive, Freedive' as well as the co-creator of the World's first mental health and freediving program "Mermantle Men', in collaboration with community mental health charity FremantleMind Inc. Her business, Blueback Freediving & Yoga, is an Act-Belong-Commit (Mentally Healthy WA) partner and strong advocate for maintaining positive mental health and wellbeing.


With her passion for the ocean and knowledge as a marine scientist, Tania lends her caring, professionally calm and patient approach to guiding others into the underwater world of freediving. She brings with her an abiding respect and fascination with ocean life as well as qualifications as an Emergency First Response Instructor and Yoga - Meditation Teacher.

Tania is registered with the Australian Freediving Association (AFA) and is a fully insured professional with both the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) and the International Association for the Development of Apnea (AIDA).


Our mission is to provide high-quality freediving and yoga education to promote human health and wellness, delivered with a sense of warmth, calm and patience.

We are dedicated to creating a friendly, safety-conscious and adventure-loving freediving and yoga community that is passionate about the ocean and living an energized existence.

We guide our students, with care and respect, to dive deep into freediving and yoga as contemplative practices for enjoyment, self-development and spiritual transformation.


We believe breathing better in a biodiverse world is living our best life.


We believe freediving and yoga should be safe, enjoyable and accessible for every body.

Our vision is to vitalize the human experience and elevate human consciousness through freediving and yoga. 

We strive to inspire a deeper sense of wonder, understanding, connection and care for the ocean.

We use our business to support marine biodiversity conservation and ocean health.

A passion for the ocean demands action to fight to protect it.


We value the preciousness of all life on earth.


We understand the inherent risks associated with freediving and yoga, which is why we invest love and energy into training our students in the highest standard of excellence in safety, self-mastery and ocean awareness.

We place a high value on the freedive buddy system for all in-water breath-holding activities, whether it be in the bath-tub, pool, river or sea.

We uphold a deep reverence for marine biodiversity and the interconnectedness of all life.



At Blueback Freediving & Yoga we are so grateful for the diverse, abundant and unique range of oceanic environments we have to enjoy as freedivers and adventurers along our Western Australian shores. We believe the West Australian coastline is world class, one of our best natural assets and well worth protecting for future generations.

From the biodiverse temperate shores of Esperance and Albany in the state's southwest, to the rare and tropical beauty of the top end - with Ningaloo Reef and the remarkable coastline around Cape Leveque being some of the most memorable places to explore and freedive in all of Australia. 

At Blueback, we believe it is only through regular connection with the beauty of the sea that we come to care for it.


Raised in Western Australia among its community of divers, surfers, sailors and watermen, known the world over for their fondness of the ocean, we at Blueback Freediving & Yoga are especially well-acquainted with the natural wonders of the Perth metropolitan waters and the west coast.  

It would be our pleasure to embark on a voyage of discovery through the magical aquatic seascapes of the West Australian coastline together. We invite you to connect with us on a freediving journey along the West Australian coastline in the near future.

Connect with us to discover more hidden gems for freedivers along the remarkable West Australian coast.


With one of the most captivating places in the world to freedive, we are so fortunate to share our underwater world with so many magnificent sea creatures. 

With a single practiced breath of air, a trained freediver can adventure beneath the waves, enjoying peaceful interactions with a broad variety of underwater wildlife. The sea has the power to draw you away from the busy hustle and bustle of your working life, to immediately engage you in present moment awareness of the remarkable unity and beauty of aquatic life.


From the annual migration of the humpback whales along our west Australian coastline, to the jubilant play of the seals off our island playgrounds - there is more to see and appreciate of the oceanic realm, when you silently enter the sea as if you were born to be there - without tanks and with only the breath within your lungs.


To noiselessly dive into the sea, is to invite in a connection with nature not possible without the underwater confidence and grace of the freediver.

Become one with the sea and commune with underwater wildlife as a PADI certified freediver with Blueback Freediving & Yoga today. It will unlock unforgettable experiences to fill you with joy - memories that will last a lifetime.


The richness and abundance of our most cherished ocean experiences would not exist without considerable efforts to protect and conserve the life that underpins the health of the marine ecosystem. 


Blueback Freediving & Yoga supports marine conservation for the preservation and protection of marine life.

We are proud sponsors of the Fremantle Underwater Film Festival - a grassroots not-for-profit annual short film festival that showcases the beauty and majesty of the underwater realm, as well as the people that work hard to share its wonders through film and protect its fragile biodiversity. Every year the festival donates 100% of its ticket sales to marine biodiversity conservation projects. It support the work of such groups as the Maui and Hectors Dolphin Defenders NZ who work to prevent the critically endangered Maui Dolphin from going extinct. 

We are connected to the sea. It provides us with the oxygen we breathe and the climate that sustains us. We need a healthy ocean for our own survival.

Blueback Freediving & Yoga is a huge supporter of the ocean movement 'Take 3 for the Sea'.

Plastic pollution is killing wildlife and threatening the health of our planet. Through education that inspires participation, Take 3 is building a global movement of people who are connected to the planet. Take 3 believes in simple actions to address complex problems.

Simply Take 3 pieces of rubbish with you when you leave the beach, waterway or anywhere, and you will have made a difference.

One of the most pristine and unforgettable places to freedive and relax in nature is in the Ningaloo Region of Western Australia. Home to the exceptional biodiversity of the Ningaloo Reef and the most amazing humpback whale nursery in Exmouth Gulf. Ningaloo is under threat from unsustainable industrial development.


At Blueback Freediving & Yoga we believe in the importance of wild nature, sustainable recreational fishing and protecting ocean and coastal habitats

We support the work of Protect Ningaloo to prevent industrial proposals that both threaten marine life processes and diminish the quiet enjoyment of recreational ocean-users in Exmouth Gulf.

The very best thing about freediving is the amount of unforgettable experiences you will have feeling connected with your self, the ocean and others. 

The Freediving Community in Western Australia is a tight-knit and growing community of water-loving humans. They are dedicated to improving the culture of safety and sharing their passion for underwater adventure. 

Join us on a freediving adventure and meet new friends to explore the underwater world with. There is nothing better than experiencing the fun and excitement of ocean adventures, especially when you can share it with others. We advocate for always diving with a buddy and never diving alone!

Some media, freediving consultation and community engagement work by Blueback Freediving and Yoga. Click on the link to read the article.


- November 2022 Coastal National Resource Conference

Speaker on Community Dive Safety & Seagrass Restoration

- December 2021 State of the Blue Economy 

Panelist and contributor

The State of the Blue Economy Forum convenes one hundred leaders and innovators from across marine industries, including fishing, energy, engineering, research and conservation.

This is the premiere annual event for discussing trends and collaborating towards the vision of WA being the leading ‘blue’ economy in the Indian Ocean, by 2030.

Link here to SOBE Report 2021


- 3 January 2021 The West: "Freedivers breathe easy in WA" by Shayling Ngo

Link to Seven West Media here


- 8 June 2020 World Oceans Day 

Panelist and Ocean Mediation Guide

Link here

- 12 August 2019 Pecha Kucha (Dunsborough)

Public Presentation at Grounded Wholefoods

Link here

- 2 Jan 2019 Nine News Headline "Charlie Young: Tributes for Music Producer after he dies in freediving accident" 

Link to WA news story here

- 18 July August Pilbara News: "Taking Mental Health Plunge" by Alicia Perera

Read article here

- 20 July 2018 Pilbara News: "Exmouth's Ningalens dives in deep for mental health" by Alicia Perera.

Link to article here

- 9 February 2018 The West (BUsselton-Dunsborough Times) " Free-diving, yoga to aid Balinese poor" by Sarah Ison

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- 25 January 2018 Albany Advertiser: "Mystery and Beauty of the ocean in focus"

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- 23 December 2017 Fremantle Herald Newspaper: "Festival hopes for dolphins on the brink" by Wilson Bell

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- 20 February 2015 Fremantle Herald Newspaper 'Herald Arts' "Flipper Yourself Into FUFF" by Steve Grant

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- June 2013 Fremantle Herald Newspaer 'Finatstic Protest".

by David Bell

Read article here


"Couldn't expect a better training.



I practice spearfishing since 3 years and still learnt a lot during this course. Safety, relaxation, mind-body connection, stretching.


I really feel more confident underwater and my buddies too because I'm more aware about the risks so I keep an eye on them. I really enjoyed the course!


Don't wait and book your course."

- Max (Blueback Freedivers Squad / Freediving Course)

"Tania is an amazing teacher! kind, compassionate, fun and very knowledgeable about freediving and all its elements. All the things you'd want in a freediving instructor. 💙 Looking forward to furthering my skills with her!"

- Jess, (Blueback Freedivers Squad / Freediving Course) 

"Tania is such a patient, knowledgeable trainer! Being able to combine yoga with free diving exercises led me further into the freediving world than what I though I was capable of. Feeling 100% safe, I was able to relax and enjoy all 3 days to the fullest. If you plan on doing a certified course, just looking to expand on your skill or if you want to face a fear; I would highly recommend you reach out to Tania. Thank me later!"

- Karl (Freediving Level 1 student)

"Just had a training with Blueback. I learnt so much in one day and had more skills than I was expected. I highly recommend to everyone who loves water sports to learn Freediving, it could safe your life when you understand more how your body manages to hold your breath correctly".

- Awn. (Freediving Course)

"I took the beginners freediving & depth training course & it has changed my life.


I learnt skills that help me in my daily routines plus skills that I'll keep with me forever. Tania was a blessing to be around & such a professional mentor & teacher. I would happily do it again & highly recommend her services".

-Sheldon, (Freediving Course)

"So wonderful. Tania’s guidance is kind, thorough and connected. I learnt so much. I felt so safe and supported. Highly recommended!!"

- Kelsey, (Blueback Freedivers Squad / Freediving Course)

"I would thoroughly recommend free diving to anyone and Tanya is a great guide to introduce to the amazing world of apnea and freediving. You will be amazed at what you can achieve and how good it feels. Tanya is calm, welcoming and very knowledgeable so you will be in safe hands."

- Jon (Blueback Freedivers Squad / Freediving Level 1 student)

"I just finished a PADI freediving course with the beautiful Tania, and i LOVED it! Tan is soft and kind yet strong enough to know your boundaries and limits to help you bring out what is already inside you.

The way she combines yoga, meditation, breath work, safety, oceanic love and fun is perfect for teaching freediving.

I would highly recommend this course for anyone who is keen to get more comfortable in the ocean, anyone who practices yoga or meditation and also anyone who has freedived before but perhaps never been taught good technique and safety. Thank you Tania!" 

-Akemi (Blueback Freediving Course)

I did the PADI Freediver course with Tania and had a great time doing it. I had tried a little bit of freediving by myself but doing the course gave me direction in terms on what I should focus on so that I can confidently work on my skills now.

Even though we couldn’t do the second day straight after the first because the weather was bad and I wasn’t very flexible time wise Tania managed to find a date for me to finish off the course in a private session.

The training in the pool on Tuesday nights also is a good opportunity to improve freediving skills and switch off after a stressful day at work.
Thank you so much a great training.

- Alex  (Blueback Freediving Course)

"Tania is a fantastic freediving instructor who understands the importance of safety while making the training informative and enjoyable".

- Phil (Blueback Freediving Course / Blueback Freediver Squad)

Freedivers never dive alone. Freedivers always dive with a competent buddy.

Freediving carries with it inherent safety risks including barotrauma injuries, Loss of Motor Control (LMC) and Shallow Water Blackout (SWB).

Please undertake a professional course to learn and understand how to avoid taking unnecessary risks that can be fatal. During your professional freedive training with Blueback Freediving & Yoga you will learn correct recovery breathing, how to recognize the signs and symptoms of LMC and SWB and how to perform a rescue - valuable skills for any freediver. Our lives are precious and our freediving journey will unfold far more beautifully if we take the advice of trained professionals to guide us on our path to becoming a safer and more confident freediver.

Blueback Freediving & Yoga is proud to be a community-minded freediving and yoga school. We are always keen to collaborate or hear how we might be able to provide you with specialty freediving and yoga services to meet your business or organization's needs.

We recommend Bucket List Diver as our local scuba professionals providing boutique, shore-based and boat-based scuba diving opportunities to supplement your underwater experience. Contact them to learn more about their scuba diving courses and enrich your aquatic knowledge beyond freediving through a quality small-group scuba diving course with them. 












Our Blueback Freediving & Yoga students are privileged to be supported with a 10% discount by the biggest and best freediving and ocean supplies store in WA, Adreno - Perth Store. When you sign up for a course with us, we will supply you with a voucher to enjoy great value on a wide range of equipment to improve your freediving adventures. See the link to check out their gear. See instore for current new stock and chat to us for advice on the best equipment for our local Perth conditions.





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