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Sunday 28 March 2021

$220 including depth-freediving

$200 adventure diving only

$50 deposit to book. Places limited.

Blueback Freediving & Yoga is now offering Adventure Freediving Days this Spring and Summer!

Its $200 for the full day including adventure freediving and lunch. $220 for the full day including adventure freediving, lunch and a freedive depth training session. This freedive depth session is the chance to do training with a freediving professional on a freediving training buoy in any discipline you like at one of the dive sites. It also gives you the chance to do a training with a buddy on a float, as we'll set one or two safety buoys up at the dive sites we visit for people who book this option to practice skills and techniques. Freedive line training can offer you the opportunity to slow things down meaningfully, for equalization and technique refinement, when you train freediving in this way.


Familiarity with depth

is a game changer.


Giving yourself the time and opportunity to have some fun, safely exploring how you feel going deeper, either using the line, or just going one-up one-down with a buddy over reefs will start to add an exciting new dimension to your freediving.


Relaxation with depth is an inevitability once you give time to build your experiences!


All our open water diving is in buddies and with Best Practice Safety Guidelines in place. This diving is strictly for certified freedivers only. Never dive alone, learn the inherent risks of freediving and participate in a freediving course with a trained professional to become a safe and conscious freediver.

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