Blueback provides professional freedive courses throughout Western Australia, with weekly courses run in Perth and Fremantle waters.


Blueback runs Perth's only fully-customized weekly freediving training group - the Blueback Freedivers Squad.


We also offer one-on-one freediving, yoga and breathwork courses and as well as coached sessions for individuals, corporate or youth groups. 



Our freediving courses run weekly throughout the year over three part-days of progressive training or two full days. We can cater courses to suit your group's timetable.


Blueback Freedivers Squad runs weekly on Tuesday and Thursday nights 6PM to 8PM at LeisureFit Booragoon. 


See our Facebook page for courses, squad dates and special events.



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Freediving science, freediving for wellness, freediving fitness training, pranayama for freedivers, safety and recovery training for freediving, sustainable underwater foraging and fishing, ocean therapy, meditation and mindfulness, specific-stretching for freediving and the positive well-being benefits of diving in nature on a single breath in a state of connected calm.


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Blueback Freediving & Yoga draws you in to the peace and beauty of the natural aquatic realm, helping to reveal the inner calm and relaxation nestled deep within your ancient aquatic soul. 


Slow down the busy pace of waking life. 


Take a moment to connect with nature, with the simple pleasure of feeling your own energy fuel your fluid movements through the water, taking you on a timeless journey in a relaxed state of flow. Press 'pause' on the digital gadgetry, social media technology and increasing complexity of modern living.


We help you to take a pure and simple look at the unique rhythm of your own natural breath as it moves through you. Our freediving and breathwork training will connect you with the sea inside.


As you practice diving into the sea on a single, relaxed breath, you open up opportunities to connect more deeply with your self and with others like you who seek to inhabit every moment as an optimal experience. With dedicated practice of the core principles of freediving, you will grow more deeply connected to underwater nature - understanding better how to descend and ascend safely through the saltwater medium in a state of joyful immersion. In time, you will gradually integrate this present-moment conscious awareness into your everyday life - enjoying the here and now far more acutely.

Dive in to something invigoratingly different and experience being a united part of the natural mystery that is the underwater world.


The feeling of deep peace will never leave you. 



We specialize in:

Awakening your fullest, most-conscious breath.

Refining your capacity to be streamlined and hydrodynamic.

Educating you on best-practice safety protocols.

Unlocking your inherent ability to relax into the moment.


Helping you tap into optimal energetic efficiency. 

Increasing your underwater self-awareness.

Supporting you in optimal experiences on every freedive.

When you learn to freedive with us, you will be training with Western Australia's longest established freedive-dedicated training school with a decade of professional and international diving experience.

We offer group and individual coaching and courses for ages 12 and up.

We adhere to strict safety management guidelines for our industry - managing only small groups in-water for best quality safety and training outcomes for our students.


You must be fit to dive and a confident swimmer.

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